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Füri Clean Store Knife Rack

The Füri clean store knife rack prevents knives from being scattered around the counter tops along with food and other tools. Because of the unique design of the system all you do is stick it on and pull it off. Knives will be in a safe, easy to locate spot. Another added benefit is the blade will never be contaminated by the storage device which also plays a role in the hygiene of the kitchen. So now that you have made the investment you’ll want to protect it with the Füri clean store knife rack!.

  • The slots of the Clean-store Knife Rack hold the handles of six Füri knives in a vertical suspension.
  • A rubberized magnet holds the knife stable.
  • The unique locking mechanism also allows all knives to be locked securely in the clean store knife rack
  • Knives not included .
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