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Founded in 1978 as a marketing company to bring new products to the Commercial Restaurant Industry.

Füri Knives, a new Australian cutlery design and manufacturing company, was searching for a Marketing company to help bring their products to the U.S. market. They came to Füri Cutlery after doing their research among various U.S. contacts. Füri had worked on a design in Professional Chef Equipment and created the first truly new design in cutlery for the professional chef in many, many years.

The new Füri Knife has unsurpassed features of sanitation and durability with its smooth one-piece design, comfort and slip resistance with the new shape of the grip, and unlike other leading knives is easily sharpened in the field. It quickly became the number one selling knife in Australia. We believe it will become very prominent in the U.S. It is one of the finest Stainless Steel Kitchen Products on the market today.

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