Specials Of The Month

FUR150 Knife Block

We handle only the original design -- all one piece - no tang required, same metal end to end, no crevasses to catch food, nothing to break, comfortable handle designed to resist slip, easily sharpened, long life quality. Just great knives.

Füri Cutlery is a leading edge company, which has been in existence since the late 1990’s, Füri has revolutionized the cutlery industry. Thanks to the Füri design engineers, who spent time with many chefs analyzing the way they held their knives found that as pressure was exerted the hand would slide toward the blade. This was a problem, which the engineers set out to over come. With the Füri knives the harder you cut, the more securely the handle is wedged into you hand. This is due to the microgrooves in the surface of the handle, which add security to the overall grip of the knife. The unique and custom rounded barrels and tapered tails blend the hand with the knife to fit naturally when working in all condition.


Have you ever noticed the food build up on a wooden or plastic handle knife? This build up develops into an unsannatized bacterial state and is why they are not used in restaurants, commercial kitchens and others. Füri’s one-piece construction means there is no handle giving the user the confidence needed when preparing all types of foods.

Even subjected to the abuse of a commercial kitchen, Füri knives have been proven to have amazing durability. Füri is backed by the one of the best warranties in the business, 25 years.